Extrusion Dies


Suitable Available For


Use field

construction material


Width 200 ~ 3000mm
Thickness 1.5 mm ~ 12 mm
Die lip opening 1.8 ~ 12 mm
Extrusion capacity: 20 ~ 800 kg/hr
Width adjustment Internal and external deckle system
  • Work with distributor / feedblock for middle layer foaming, light weight, without impact on strength, improved hardness and pressure resistance.
  • Exclusive die mouth adjustment for easier plate thickness control.
  • Adjustable upper and lower die lip thickness .
    Special die lip roughness treatment for stable and uniform materials performance.
  • Lip air volume adjustment.
    Individual air volume adjustment for easier control over Extrusion Die lip of shape of cross section.
    Constant pressure flow meter designed with adjustment scales for easier control over Extrusion Die of shape of cross section.
    Exclusive air volume adjustment design for less adjustment time and improved quality.
  • Different patterns of middle ribs including grids and union jack.
    Layered and colored middle ribs and top and bottom surface.
  • Hand reel internal and external deckle mechanism Work with equipment from domestic and broad leading brands.
  • Provide professional maintenance service over Extrusion Dies by third parties.