About GMA
About GMA: Global Machinery Association

Founded in 1989, the GMA Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd. (GMA), an R&D team composed of senior design engineers and technicians with decades strong experience in sheet and film extrusion equipment and auxiliary parts, has been devoted to providing custom products based on customer requirements. Over 30 years of continuous efforts, not only involved extrusion filed, but also focus on slot die and equipment for coating processing, it is the leaders in Taiwan’s extrusion die and coating equipment, application includes optical, medical, green energy, package, semiconductor industries.

GMA has deployed more than 50 equipment: including advanced CNC machine tools with Intelligent system , precision grinding and polishing machine, computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and 3D 4-axis CAD/CAM system, build own high quality chrome plating plant, quality inspection dept., to fully satisfy customer product requirements. Based on comprehensive processing equipment and an excellent professional team, GMA is able to exercise strict quality control throughout the whole in-house process.

Devoted to the vision of quality, professionalism and customer care, efficiency and integrity and service, GMA is now marketing to the world and with products selling in scores of overseas markets including: Britain, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, America, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

  • GMA founded and engaged in Extrusion and injection die design and manufacture

  • Focus on Extusion die and peripherals design and manufacture, for sheet, film,

    lamination and hollow sheet production.

  • To meet capacity and development needs, invited outstanding professionals from the industry to establish a research and development team.
  • Establish the brand as GMA and Introduced precision machine, enhance processing skill and ability
  • Own development multi manifold-die、feed black etc. came out, applied for multi plastic sheet and film
  • Own development PC hollow sheet die came out and obtain the patent in different countries.
  • Imported CAE simulation system, combined design and process skill, enhance R&D ability.
  • Cooperative development auto-die came out, applied on multi precision plastic product production.
  • Own development extrusion die for processing TPU and EVA came out.
  • Own development special extrusion die and peripherals for making over 300 layers film.
  • Entered optical industry, design and manufacture extrusion die for optical product application.
  • Built precision process factory, developed slot die design and manufacture

    Imported 3D modular system, enhance design quantity

  • Cooperated with Japan technology team to build precision chrome plating factory

  • Several own design and development are approved, obtained several patent of product design.

  • Imported super precision process machine for CNC, grinding and polish.

    Built laboratory with equipment for coating test.
  • Imported 3D simulation system, applied for more modify polymer and optimized design.
  • Expand coating development team, focus on slot die , coater design and manufacture, optimized coating process.
  • Obtained serval patent of processing skill, get good reputation in the market

Silt die coater came out and applied on production line.

coating machine (solvent free/eco-friendly) came out and applied on production
  • Own design and development melt-blown die and spun-bound die came out and put on the production line within 60 days.

    Excellent team support anti-epidemic supplies equipment, awarded National Epidemic Prevention Contribution Award.

  • Awarded Outstanding Enterprise of Taiwan Yu Shan Award prize of excellent team performance.

and enhance special processing skill, for example: Hastelloy steel processing.

Roll-to-Roll coating line for positive and negative electrode for lithium battery came out and applied on production line.

G3 slot die coater came out and applied on production line

Advantage of choosing GMA
  • High quality assurance

    Professional quality inspection and advanced instrument for test, decrease flow incidence, provide stable and good quality for customers.

  • Customized service

    Based on customer production requirement, provide multi design and processing solution, and completely technology support.

  • Moldflow analysis

    Via professional analysis system to simulate modify polymer and special formula, optimized design and processing for fit production requirement.

  • In-house integration system

    Rich experience design and processing team, the entire process, design, manufacture, assembly, can be done in-house.

  • Own plating factory

    Adopt Japanese plating technologies and unique medicament for quality assurance.

  • Technology support

    Beside products, also provide completely technology support, assist customers to optimize the existing process and develop new product.

  • Maintenance service

    Provide customer completely and quick maintenance solution, including extrusion die, peripherals, slot dies and equipment.

  • Cooperative development

    Providing customer research and develop suggestion by our R&D and processing team.

Outstanding research and development design capabilities

Outstanding research and development design capabilities

Starting from the core of customer needs, we provide corresponding and suitable products and designs. We continuously develop advanced hardware and software, adapting to the ever-changing market demands.

Exceptional technical support and maintenance services

Exceptional technical support and maintenance services

Professional and experienced technical team is dedicated to assisting customers with practical issues, Including extrusion die, screen changer, gear pumps, etc. Additionally, we provide excellent maintenance services.

Reliable development partner

Reliable development partner

Assisting customers in process optimization and new product development, we welcome partners who share our passion for bold innovation. Move forward with us.