Slot/Slit coating Dies

Suitable Apply To

Water Base /Oil Base / Non-Solvent Type Liquid

Use field


energy saving

  • Die lip straightness: 2 μm.
  • Surface roughness at lip land: Ra0.02 ~ 0.04 μm.
  • Viscosity: 5 ~ 30000 cps.
  • Micro-adjustment screw up to 0.08 mm / radius.
  • Customization according to customer production requirements, upon request.
  • Straightness precision is made by GMA exclusive grinding technique to reduced film thickness deviation of groove width.
  • Interchange shim for variable lip gap application.
  • Special stainless steel resists to a full range of solvents.
  • Work with automated controller.
  • Manifold geometry simulation analysis technique and optimum manifold design base on customer’s material.
  • Uniform and stable flow distribution.
  • No coating line defect with even thickness at high speed.
  • Professional Slot Die maintenance service by third parties is acceptable.