Large Filtration

Model No 50 No 250
Inlet dia. 324*100 mm 575*208 mm
Filter dia. 3140*2 cm² 11752*2 cm²
Total watt 1 heating zone
1800W*6 pcs heaters
2 heating zone
2340W*6 pcs heaters
Capacity 800 ~ 1600 KG 1000 ~ 3900 KG
  • Continuous production process.
  • Special venting design that no air enter the process during screen changing.
  • Hydraulic system is driven by solenoid valve for easy operation. Optional auto-venting system.Can be equipped with a fully automatic exhaust.
  • Can be equipped with a fully automatic exhaust.
  • The filter area is about 2~5 times larger than the Dual Piston.
  • Optional guard cover to provide highest safety operation.
  • Materials : most polymer.
  • Application : suitable for granulation, sheet, film and other products.