Slot die and coating equipment
  • what is the advantage of slot die for coating?

    It is easy to reach precision glue output and uniform coating thickness.

  • Can slot die be used for different viscosity glue?

    Yes, the slot die can be design for process different viscosity of glue.。

  • What the factors influence coating uniformity, how to improve it?

    Slot die design, coating line design, formula and processing etc., there are several factors to cause the issue, you can contact our sales team for further discussion, we provide optimized processing service.

  • Howe to solve the issue of coating mark or uniformity coating?

    Please refer slod die or coating line operation line for debugging, if it doesn’t work, please contact our sales team for service.

  • Coating can be done by slot die, comma roller, micro-gravure, how to know which way is suitable?

    Which coating way is suitable, it depends on glue、substrate and application.

  • Do you provide slot die or coating line operation manual?

    Yes, we provide completely operation manual for slot die and coating line, please follow it to operate die and coating line.

  • When developing new product, coating formula or production condition are not sure, can you provide any assistance?

    Yes, we have own laboratory and pilot machine for customer to test formula or make sample, please contact our sales team for arrangement.

  • What’s the application to roll to roll machine and patch coater?

    Roll to roll coating machine is mostly used for film, cooper foil, aluminum foil, patch coater is mostly used for glasses, sheet, steel that substrate can’t be rolled up.

  • What’s the application of coating process ?

    Coating process is applied for quite wide ranger, such as battery industry (including electrode, battery, lithium-lon battery ), medical (including medical materials, reagents), energy industry (solar panels), optical industry (optical plat, film, Anti-reflective, lens, hard coating) and semiconductor industry.

  • Is it possible to use different coating method in the same coating line?

    Yes, we can provide interchangeable coater device for different coating process, such as slot die, comma, roller reverse, micro-gravure.

  • Can you provide option device of coating machine for fit production requirement? What options you provide?

    Yes. We can provide several option devices for meeting customer needs. Such as automatic slot die, UV device, IR device, interchangeable coater, lamination device etc.