Screen Changer
  • How many types of screen changer you can supply? What’s the difference of these types?

    We supply various of screen changer, based on application, there are continuous and non-continuous.

  • What’s the advantage of continuous and non-continuous screen changer? Is there any limit of application?

    Continuous screen changer can change mesh while the production line is running, non-continuous is opposite.

    Continuous screen changer is most used for high output (max. 1600kg/hr), keeping 50-75% filiation efficacy while change the mesh, non-continuous type cost is lower.

    Screen changer is not suitable for process corrosive polymer, such like PVC.

  • How often change the mesh, how reduce frequency of changing mesh?

    Mesh replacement time depends on product quality, change frequency depends on cleanliness of polymer, especial process recycled polymer.

  • How to solve mesh block or unstable pressure ?

    Please refer operation manual, if it is not workable, please contact our sales team for service.