GMA: What has been the Situation for the Extrusion Molds and Dies Market during 2022?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is well known that most of the industries didn't have stable performance when it comes to product demands, this is due to the situation creating new needs, especially in the medical and packaging industry, where the demand increased exponentially. GMA was not the exception, as we mentioned in E-NEWS year 2020, there was a huge demand for Meltblown Dies because of the high need for face masks worldwide. In the local market, GMA was able to supply, in time record, thanks to their experience and expertise, since this was a product they developed before, which makes it suitable for this application.

Nowadays especially in the first half of the year, the demand is getting back slowly to normal levels, for GMA which are experts in the Extrusion Molds and Dies industry, the demand for Dies, especially for packaging and medical applications are almost as normal as levels before the pandemic.

What is the current situation in the Chinese market?

In general, what it concerns the Plastics and Rubber Industry, especially the Molds and Dies part we cannot say that everything is going back to normality, an example is Chinaplas 2022, which originally was going to be held in Shanghai in April, was postponed until next year due to the pandemic.

The pandemic situation starting from Q2 for China was not the most promising when it comes to forecasting when it is going back to normality. One example is logistics, right now there is a huge delay in shipments, especially going out from Shanghai, therefore the supply chain gets affected, not only in time but also in prices, as it is well known that skyrocketed since the pandemic started, some cases over 4 times the original prices.

What to expect for the second half of the year for the extrusion dies market?

Due to the current situation is hard to predict what is going to be the performance, but if we focus on what concerns the first half of the year, the second half is very promising, since originally, the industry is recovering, doesn't matter instability of pandemic.

One big event to take into consideration is K-SHOW 2022, to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, which is known as the biggest exhibition for the Plastics and Rubber industry. Therefore, there are going to be many companies coming from all the world, looking for machinery, auxiliary equipment, molds, dies, etc… GMA as one of the experts in the Extrusion Molds and Dies industry is going to join as an exhibitor. They are very well prepared  and cannot wait to meet and interact with all the visitors!

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