GMA: Chinaplas 2022, a New Opportunity to Meet Customers and Showcase Latest Developments and Technologies

Last year Chinaplas was held in Shenzhen, being the second year of the pandemic the situation made the number of people relatively small in comparison with previous editions, also most of the visitors were local. While this was a concern for most manufacturers or even a reason to don’t attend the event for some exhibitors, for GMA this is an opportunity, due to their strong presence in the Chinese market. This year Chinaplas 2022 edition will be held in Shanghai, and GMA will be attending again.

How to compete with Chinese manufacturers?
For Taiwanese manufacturers there is always skepticism when it comes to the China market, the main reason or question that comes to mind is how to compete with their prices? For GMA at this time point that is not a problem anymore, since they decided to focus on their strengths which are high-quality products, customization capacity, and high quality in customer service, making them ready to respond any time a client has questions regarding their products.

During these years while recalling feedback from customers, usually they will compare GMA’s product with European quality products with a reasonable price and also with a guarantee of quality and service. Also, another point to take into consideration is GMA’s punctuality in the order delivery and the lead when it comes to technology developments.

What are the applications that GMA’s Dies are used for in the Chinese market? And what products are going to be showcased during Chinaplas 2022?

While GMA’s Dies are suitable for many applications, in the Chinese market they are mainly used for Food packaging (Cup sealing film, lunch box inner layer, milk container, etc..), Optoelectronics, touch panels, automotive parts and applications, Medical applications such melt blown that is used for the production of medical masks, or blood tubes and special-shaped tubes, also can be used in housing (different building materials).

During Chinaplas will be showcased Laminating die with a similar size as last year (1360mm), stable and high-quality lamination die is the most popular product in the past 10 years in China market, meanwhile, they received more and more inquires of multi manifold die within 3 years, it means this is a market trend in the future.
The feature of such die is to combine several polymers (2 to 5 different materials) in chamber, with independent temperature and flow control of each channel, manifold die can make clear and great multi-layer structure product, this time, GMA will show multi manifold-die (3 channels).

Where to find GMA during 2022?
During 2022 Exhibitions and trade fairs are recovering and happening as usual, with less and less exhibitions postponed or cancelled, GMA plans to attend different exhibitions such as Chinaplas, K-Show(Germany), Taipeiplas (Taiwan), Filmtech (Japan).

Welcome to visit GMA during Chinaplas 2022 at  Booth 6.1 F57 .

If you don't have the opportunity to attend the exhibitions mentioned above, you also can find GMA in the following links for more information about their products.

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