Why to Choose GMA’s Extrusion Dies?

It is well known the importance of high quality and high precision when we talk about Molds and Dies. GMA is one of the worldwide leaders of the industry, last year they became a really important actor, due the capacity of high production of Melt blown Dies, an indispensable component when it came to production of masks, which became a “must” in our daily life.

This year, for GMA, was a return to normality when it comes to demand. 2021 was a good year for the Japanese market.

If we want to do a deepest analysis for the situation during 2021 the biggest impact was for the after sales service. Normally, it takes at least one month for personnel to go out to install or do maintenance. Some customer requests go to the scene, which was a big success effort by GMA. The pandemic situation made them realize that remote service, such as video calls, remote software, was possible to solve this situation.

In order to assist customers, there was an e-SOP which was prepared as detailed as possible, in order to assist international customers on how to perform troubleshooting and solve their problems and questions.

GMA also has remote software where they can write and draw things in real time, making the instructions more convenient and easier to understand. GMA created new ways of cooperation with customers, and the level of acceptance from customers for these new ways was high due the speed and convenience, because don’t need to wait anymore for engineers to travel to solve the problems.

How does GMA do to assure efficiency in their molds and dies production process?

GMA’s factory has over 50 CNC machinery in order to produce their Extrusion dies. Since 2 years ago they have connected everything to the internet for data collection, so they can constantly monitor the status of all their machines and put it directly on a dashboard for better convenience of the operators and engineers.

The dashboard displays the cumulative time of the machinery in real time, where they can check the usage, stoppage or under-performance time and also project time. In this way they can run performance tests in the new or older machinery and make the necessary adjustments such as changing the program or upgrading the machine.

Their CNC machinery monitoring system is designed in such way that they can monitor detail data, moreover, they can give specific data bondaries according to their demands.  When the machine exceeds the set value, there will be a notification. In this way they can make adjustments and preventive maintenance.

For the near future, GMA is planning to do APP integration for all job reports, also the factory expects that one person has one iPad where each one will have any production and function reports right away in their hands within the need to be on site to monitor any abnormal situation.