“Welcome to 2020 GMA Machinery 30th anniversary party. Let’s start. “

Rub-a-dub! With the powerful drums beating sound and banner showing GMA’s logo, the opening show started in the spotlight. This opening performance was actually full of meaning. The big banner in the hands of the dancers represented GMA's concerted efforts and glory. The drums represent that GMA gather all forces to meet the bright future. And “Thirty” represented GMA worked as one to make the glory last 30 years until the oncoming future.

This time, GMA set up 68 tables for the feast. The large screen of the banquet hall displayed the photos of company trip and other events. Everyone could see colleagues appearing on the projection screen, which was full of memories. In addition, a large Oscar-level back board for photoshoot and two photo booths were also set up at the scene, so that every colleague was able to remember this wonderful night.

Toil and moil for thirty years, every staffs worked hard and grew together with company. GMA specially ordered the crystal trophies to award the senior employees who had worked in the company for 20 years to express respect and appreciation.

This year, GMA arranged many programs and performances to reward all staffs. We invited a bilingual hostess that speaks both Chinese and English for thorough introduction of this wonderful party, also prepared ice sculptures to celebrate the 30th anniversary ceremony. The opening show was performed by Chio Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe, followed with live band, dance groups, magic show and face off sichuan opera that gradually warmed up the atmosphere.

The joyful atmosphere continued to spread until the most attractive lucky draw. GMA prepared $250,000 cash prizes, as well as iPads and various household electric appliance gifts. When the event was going on, with the great cheers from all staffs, the amount of cash prizes was even raised up to $660,000 by the boss and directors, drove everyone into ecstatic happiness successfully.