GMA's special material solutions conquer Europe and America.

Founded in 1989, GMA MACHINERY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (GMA) has been designing and manufacturing polymer injection molding dies for 30 years. “Compared to our competitors, our biggest feature is the ability to develop with our customers' special materials,” said sales manager Howard. GMA has its own laboratory, which has strong analytical design capabilities for special materials, especially in the field of materials with high precision requirements.

Therefore, the market share of GMA in the European and American markets has also increased year by year. At present, GMA and European machinery manufacturers have accounted for one-fifth of their annual sales. “Next, we will focus more on the European market because they have more special material requirements and are more in line with the development of GMA. Now more and more European customers are actively contacting GMA for special materials. Solution.” Asked why it is famous in the European market, manager Howard analyzed: “Our steel is purchased from Germany, and all processing equipment is from well-known brands in Europe. Strictly control raw materials, improve processing equipment, cooperate with GMA In the rich design case of extrusion die in the past 30 years, many factors have promoted the development of GMA in the European market."

GMA has three processing plants, 100% from design, processing, chrome plating to assembly. In particular, chrome plating distinguishes it from mold manufacturers in the same industry. In order to improve the quality and uniformity of chrome plating, GMA established two sets of chrome plating equipment in 2018 and 2019. Through continuous research and development, the technology is continuously upgraded. Currently, the longest chrome plating length is 6 meters, the width is 1 meter, and the thickness is 150um. According to manager Howard, GMA's self-designed chrome plating formulation is more targeted for molds with special complex flow paths, and is better able to “teaching in accordance with their aptitude” to enhance product competitiveness.

In addition to considering the special design of the mold on the plating, GMA also incorporates the “human” factor into the pre-design of the mold design. Manager Howard introduced that GMA has established its own rich case database. In addition to the retention time, pressure distribution and uniformity of the computer software in the flow channel before the mold design, GMA will also combine the customers in the database. The actual production feedback is cross-analyzed to design a mold that is “tailor-made” according to the customer's production situation. "Computer analysis is only theory, and customer feedback is more important," said manager Howard.

Today, GMA's extrusion dies are already available all over the world. In addition to the increasing demand for special materials solutions in the European market, OEMs of Japanese machinery companies are processing, and Chinese machinery companies are important markets for GMA. In 2018, GMA factory molds reached more than 300 sets. Surprisingly, in order to ensure the stability of quality, GMA has controlled all production processes in Taiwan. “For GMA, the most important thing is not to increase production efficiency, nor to reduce labor costs, but to always control the quality of R&D, processing and steel materials,” explains manager Howard.