GMA MB (Melt Blown) die is the best backing of epidemic prevention

Covid-19 outbreaks to the whole world, medical supplies become indispensable poperies to every country, such like protective clothing, gown, goggles, protective mask, N95 mask etc. In past 3 months, GMA received a lot of MB die inquiries from many countries, not only die, including gear pump and filter which can be used on melt blown fabric production line. Melt blown fabric is mostly used for mask and protective clothing, or filter. Polymer is extruded through small nozzles (MB die) surrounded by high speed hot air, and stretch polymer to make fabric, the diameter of fabric is only 1-5 micron, such unique capillaries construct make melt blown fabric be with great filtration to prevent from virus, blood and source of infection etc.

Fabric quality depends on MB die performance, nozzle design, nozzle angle, air flow speed, air pressure etc., GMA has over 30-year experience on design and manufacturing various extrusion, coating and melt blown dies, meanwhile, GMA has advance equipment, all processing can be finished in-house, this is the reason why GMA can provide high and stable quality dies to meet customer’s requirement.

MB die is the key device of production line, GMA is well-known as die manufacturer in the world , for a long time, we are not only to make die for customer, we also provide completely service and technology support.

In covid-19 crisis, GMA great and professional ability is helping many customers to manufacture more medical supplies to support epidemic prevention in Taiwan or in other countries, this is not only our social responsibility, it is also our pleasure to serve customers.

Facing hung pressure of MB orders with short lead time, GMA arranged production line rapidly, meanwhile, we also arrange extra new lines for MB dies, ensure high quality, finish on time, make customer satisfied, we believe “Quality makes us different”, this is GMA’s belief, it is also our promise.