GMA won the Chinese Entrepreneur Award

GMA Machinery Co., Ltd. won the 2019 Chinese Entrepreneur Award. The award was received by the manager Shu Yung Chen at the International Hall of Taipei Garden Hotel on Jan 11th, 2019. This Award is guided by the Ministry of the Interior, promoted and planned by the Chinese Career Development Committee, and implemented by the Taiwan Excellent Manufacturers Association and the Taipei City Enterprise Management and Professional Trade Union. It’s an iconic award ceremony in Taiwan and has been held for 7 consecutive sessions.

Shu Yung Chen, the manager of GMA, said that they are very grateful to the jury members of the Chinese Entrepreneur Award. This is a real glory and affirmation. GMA continues to communicate closely with customers, focuses on the demands of customers. By integrating resources from internal staffs and external suppliers, GMA is able to provide unique products and services to fulfil customers’ expectations.

Manager Chen said that under this innovative business model, the company has continued to create revenue and profit growth. Since the establishment 30 years ago, GMA has been operated with the concept of "continuous research and development, renewed equipment, non-stop education, and sustainable management." Even though GMA already possesses a number of leading patent technologies, but the pace of new technology research and patent applications has not stopped. In addition to the introduction of advanced hardware equipment and expansion of the plant, several domestic and foreign professional talents and various related softwares have continued to be invested in the application and development of various types of T-die and peripheral products of extrusion boards, sheets and films. Nowadays, they have obtained cooperation between Japan and Europe in T-die technology and have successfully won recognition from the optical industry.