GMA 2023 limited edition desk calendar is launched!

GMA issued desk calendar over 12 years, more and more customers like it, there are three features of GMA 2023 desk calendar:

  1. Blue is GMA brand main color, this year, we add some green color, to show our effort for environmental friendly. GMA extrusion die can be used for processing 100% recycle polymer, meanwhile, excellent machining extrusion die can save polymer, avoid from wasting material.
  2. Tailor-made service. More new modified polymer, for meeting customer requirement, GMA provides tailor-made of die channel, adjusting thickness way or deckling system. in calendar, we show several tailor-made die.
  3. According to user’s feedback, we marked vacation of different countries and enlarge space for writing.


GMA desk calendar is not only calendar, includes our sincerely appreciation and greeting to send to customers, GMA stay with customer always.