Do you know 5 points of extrusion die repair and maintenance?

The average lifetime of extrusion die is around ten years, if you want to avoid die wear to effect product quality, meanwhile, to extend lifetime of extrusion die, remember ISSRT rules to make your extrusion die keeping as new.


1.Inspection: Completely inspection service is the best way to extend extrusion die lifetime.

Lifetime of extrusion die is long or short, it depends on operation 、usage time and polymer. Routine maintenance is necessary to extrusion dies, in addition, send extrusion die back to original suppler regularly for completely inspection will extend 10%-20% of lifetime.

How GMA do completely inspection?

First, we inspect surface of die channel and landing area, check chrome plating well or not, whether any damage on surface. Second, we use industrial endoscope to inspect extrusion die lip, some slight defect of lip is invisible, but it may cause poor product quality. Besides, we inspect other parts of die, such like as deckling system, adjusting bolts , heaters etc.



2.Save : Save time, not save money, sacrifice product quality

GMA provides repair service for all brand of extrusion die, after completely inspection, we propose repair plan for customer reference, including budget, repair time, how to repair it etc. Sometimes, the budget or time may be much over than customer expectation, the mainly reason is customer don’t have instrument to inspect die, so customer have no idea how seriously damage of extrusion die.

What will you do, if you were facing such situation? Accept repair plan or not?

Some customers get back die to use it continuously, till the die is broken. Most customers arrange budget to purchase spare extrusion die beforehand, even though it takes longer time for repair, the production line won’t be influenced. Another way is to increase repair budget, more customers tend to fix the problem immediately rather than bear more loss in the future. Time is invisible cost of the production, fix problem to save your time, not your cost of repair.


3.Solution: It is easy to find out the problem, but not everyone can solve it.

There are many extrusion die manufacturers in the world, but not every manufactures has repair die ability. It looks easy to repair extrusion die, but actually, there are three indispensable requirements for repair; the first one is to well understand structure of extrusion die; it means that having design extrusion die ability.  Second, to have various processing machines and chrome plating facility, to know how to make dies ; third, ensure great processing skill and control stable quality, this is the reason why GMA can provide repair service for customers, all processing of our dies can be finished in-house, no matter to mend damage of channel surface or re-plating chrome, GMA can provide technology support and processing service accordingly.




4.Return: Loss in short time , but earn longer stable return

Repair time is another issue that customer concern, because long repair time may cause more loss of stopping production. Repair time depends on damage situation of extrusion die, from 3 days to may be one months, and channel damage takes longest time for processing.

For saving customer time, two years ago, we applied new processing skill on inner surface damage repair, special for small, slight scratch (within 5*3mm2), the repair time is shorten from 3 weeks to 1 week, the repair quality is so good as usual. Taking advance skill to saving repair time is to reduce loss in short time, but help customer to earn longer and stable return, this service creates great benefit to both sides.


5.Trust: Trustable supplier brings customer greatest additional value.

When you purchase new cell phone, computer or car etc. , what will  you concern most after usage? Based on statistical data, most people think professional, convenient, and trustable repair service is necessary.  People maybe not choice the original supplier, but absolutely choice trustable supplier who can provide them reassurance support.

For GMA customers, the greatest additional value of buying extrusion die from is well comprehensive technology support and service.


Welcome to contact us for further information, to experience GMA great repair service.