All extrusion die issue , let GMA help you.

Factory manager is looking at the piled flaw sheet in the corner, he is worried how to remedy the loss capacity. Last week, their production line shout down for clean, maintenance dept. staff informed him, they found slight damage of extrusion die that they can’t process it. The company purchased total eight dies from overseas supplier, factory manager wants to send the die to original supplier for repair, but long time for repair and transportation, high cost, maintenance dept. staff told factory manager, their another plant, extrusion dies are supplied from local manufacturer who can repair different brand extrusion dies, maybe this supplier can help factory manager.

Extrusion die damage is the main reason to cause the line on product surface, traditional process takes longer time, it is a huge pressure of production loss to user.

GMA team received the call from factory manager, got information about the damage die, for further discussion, we suggested to send the die to us for inspection. According GMA service team experience, most surface line of sheet or film, if there is no burning polymer in the chamber, is usually caused by die damage, the reason of die damage come from : 1. unidentified object go into the chamber to cause damage, 2. Incorrect operation. For very slight damage, operator can use sandpaper and polish for emergency treatment.

Factory manager sent the die to GMA and visited us for discussing solution, at the same time, he wanted to know whether we have qualified ability and equipment for overhaul extrusion die. GMA owns over 50 sets CNC machine with intelligent system, chrome plating, maintenance center, assembling and inspection center etc. factory manager is surprised at GMA has completely equipment with design team for manufacturing extrusion die.

Extrusion die maintenance is not mainly business to GMA, but we are willing to help more customers with our special process and good ability. No matter  which brand extrusion die customer have, GMA always provide the best maintenance service that we can do.

For this case, we provide two solutions for factory manager.

first one, remove the chrome plating layer, process the damage and re-plating chrome. This treatment can make the die as new one, but there are two points for concern.

  1. It takes longer time, around 4-8 weeks, depends die width. Long time will postpone capacity.
  2. Higher cost, at least USD7000 or more, depends die damage situation, for some customers, they may not have enough budget..


From Factory manager facial expression, apparently, he doesn’t want to this solution. After GMA team evaluation, the damage area is small, so we provide the second solution, we suggest to take unique processing skill that we learn from Japan.

Features are as the below:

  1. Short repair time: it can be finished within one week averagely.
  2. Keep good surface roughness: the repair may remove a little chrome plating layer, but after special treatment, it can keep good surface roughness.
  3. Get rust free: take alloy as repair material, ensure the damage area get rust free.
  4. Warranty: for this special maintenance service, GMA provide one year warranty.
  5. Reasonable price: the price depends on damage area, save much cost, compared with remove chrome plating and re-plating.

Shortly, the die reruns again, factory manager no need to worry loss capacity, after that, factory manager sent other dies to GMA for maintenance, even though these dies are not made by GMA, but in his mind, GMA is his best maintenance cencer.

Based on customer demand, GMA research and develop different repair technology and skill for processing different damage of extrusion die, GMA provide excellent repair service for all brand extrusion die, so far, GMA advanced special skill helps many customers to save repair time and cost, included high precision extrusion die for optical application. several companies are from overseas to contact us for further cooperation of this skill, that will be one point of GMA development plan in the further, with customers support and affirmation, GMA is on the way to be Asia professional extrusion die service center for help more local and neighboring countries customers, all extrusion die issue, let GMA help you.