30th anniversary GMA

Founded in 1989, GMA has been designing and manufacturing extrusion dies for the 30th anniversary. GMA's extrusion die needs have spread all over the world. In addition to the increasing demand for special material solutions in the European market, the OEM processing of Japanese machinery companies and the support of mainland machinery companies are also important market components of GMA.

GMA's steel is purchased from Germany, and processing equipment is also from well-known brands in Europe. Strictly control the raw materials, improve the processing equipment, and cooperate with GMA's rich design cases in the field of extrusion molds for 30 years. Many factors have promoted GMA's successful motive of infusion on expand the business to go far. This GMA 30th Anniversary specially designed a LOGO to represent "unlimited"; just as GMA has been moving forward, constantly researching and developing innovation, there is no limit.