Great debut of GMA spun-bond die

GMA showed off new design of spun-bond die with Leader SMS production line on 24th, Dec. 2020. After last new product (Melt Blown die) launch, six month later, GMA showed their excellent processing and design ability again. Under severe epidemic, the presentation still attracted more than 100 members of TNFIA to attend. In this visit, they saw SMS production line operation, great and stable speed, meanwhile, they visited GMA factory, it is amazing for guests to see how GMA make such high quality MB die and Spun-bond die.

Melting polymer come out from the die nozzle, with special air channel design to stretch and pile the fabric, to make it form cloth, it is called Melt blown fabric. This way is large production with high speed, meanwhile, the fabric is soft, smooth surface, for making such good quality fabric, die is the most important device, and good design, precise processing are the key point of making die. Based on over 30-year experience of design and processing, GMA can provide excellent Melt blown die with shout time to meet customers requirement.