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Extrusion Dies for plate

Use field
It can be applied Industrial/construction material Automobile/aviation and other fields
  • Width: 50 ~ 3500 mm
  • Die lip opening: 1 ~ 50 mm
  • Extrusion capacity: 8 ~ 1600 kg / hr
  • Lip width adjustment: External deckle system
  • Customization according to customer production requirements, upon request
  • GMA not only provides proprietary sheet extrusion Die but also offers professional and customized services for different customer production requirements.
    Workable with automated controller
    Mono or multi-layer configuration with special inlet channel design
  • Fast lip opening adjustment device
    Either internal or external deckle adjustment device addressing features of different polymers
    Adjustable product width without shutting down the production line
    Cut working hours and improve production line performance significantly
  • Special coat-hanger type manifold design
    Co-extrusion die with multi-manifold (dual, triple, quintet inlets)
    Adjustable upper die lips, replaceable lower lip, 45˚ or 90˚ flow restrict bar.
    Addressing requirements of goods of different thicknesses
  • Work with handle wheel for internal and external deckle.
  • Work with distributor/feedblock for the making of multi-layer configuration.
  • Provide professional maintenance services over extrusion Die by third parties
Sheet T- DIE