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Extrusion Dies for CFJ laminating products

  • Width: 500 ~ 5000 mm
  • Die lip opening: 0.6 ~ 1 mm
  • Extrusion capacity: 100 ~ 500 kg/hr
  • Width adjustment: internal deckle system
  • deckle adjustment: manual or motor drive
  • Trimming-free device for easy scrap thickness adjustment
  • Fast polymer materials switch for sharp cut over costs of wastes
  • Internal deckle device enables span adjustment without machine shutdown for great labor hour cut and improved production line performance
  • Independent die lip replacement for easy maintenance and cost reduction Corrosion resistant Extrusion Die mouth for excellent thickness control
  • Easy-removal and easy-cleaning side stopper design for fast machine assembly and disassembly
  • Provide professional maintenance service over Extrusion Dies by third parties