GMA MACHINERY 2/3 annual banquet come to a successful conclusion, the banquet, in addition to hearty food, In particular, women's LED water drums invited to the opening, with dazzling aqua sound and light, agitation rhythm kicked off. And also well-known orchestra Live Band concert, no distance from the stage audience interaction, driving the audience together with the music swing, a warm atmosphere. In addition, Tunghai University competitive cheerleaders invited and dolls dolls singing and dancing and other performances, the audience atmosphere high overturned.

GMA marketing international markets, foreign customers from afar to participate in the event, especially invited bilingual moderator, so that guests can enjoy banquet activities. We offer Polaroid to clients for the lovely memories remaining as well. GMA is well-provided 174 awards, special award two iPhone X, first prize million cash, 68 cash red envelopes, 43-inch TVs, tablets ... and other awards, the winning rate as high as 85%, so that all employees more Inspired, the scene plus dozens of cash prizes, the highest plus prize is as high as 10,000 in cash, the banquet atmosphere to the highest point, !!

With the upcoming Golden Dog Year, GMA Machinery has been proactively moving toward steady growth and has been providing customers with more comprehensive services. In response to changes in the environment and customer needs, the company constantly improves customer value and competitiveness through service innovation. In the future, It will also continue to plan the operation in other overseas markets and gradually realize its corporate vision.

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