2017 FPD industry global event:
The 27th Finetech Japan was held from April 5th 2017 to April 7th 2017 at the International Exhibition Hall in Tokyo, in Japan, the most sophisticated and largest FPD materials and equipment exhibition. Building up then joining EXPO (Joining Japan) with high functional film (FilmTech Japan), high Performance Ceramics (Ceramic Japan) high-function plastic (Plastic Japan) and high-function metal (Metal Japan) and other content of high-performance materials exhibition. FPD industry global event becomes the most iconic exhibition in Asia to grasp the latest technology trends that are related to applications such as electronic displays of high-performance film(LCD and touch panel), new energy (solar cells, rechargeable batteries, fuel cell), smart phones, LED, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food packaging and other fields. Moreover, the development of membrane technology has also caught the highest attention from many countries, product trends and market information on the best platform, functional film has been Japan's strengths of the industry. In addition, it will be more flexible to develop future product, and also important to promote film-related technology.

GMA machinery enterprise has successfully exhibited "Slot Die" and "Gear Pump with Medium- low viscosity". Most of the visitors are originally from Japan and China. In addition, the participation of many companies in the exhibition has increased and also triggered a positive tendency, which next year will result in the change of location to Makuhari Messe, a Tokyo's Big Site, so that we will be able to cope with more exhibitors. Meantime, it increases the professionalism of the exhibition, also facilitates Japan's semi-conductor industry to get recovered from the phenomenon and has more promising steady growth trend in the future.

The Gear Pump with Medium- low viscosity, product exhibited at Finetech Japan by GMA is an optimized flow channel design that can increase an overall efficiency of the production,short back flow channel design, and special acid and alkali gear material development corresponding to the minimum viscosity of 10CPS fluid raw materials. Furthermore, the high-demands of Slot Die, which has its own patent of stainless steel material, with cutting-edge precision machining and fluid analysis, so that products can achieve high precision demands, high quality and extension of product life, the widely use of coating in liquid crystal displays, lithium batteries, solar power, optical film, etc... Moreover, in order to reach rigorous inspection and extension of long service life, GMA using the introduction of the latest international ultra-precision equipment to achieve high-precision and advanced grinding technology, machining the edge of the cutting straightness to 2μm to reduce the thickness of the groove thickness deviation, with corrosion resistance and stainless steel body and also combination of outstanding of hard ultrafine particles.

In addition, the simulation’s analysis of GMA material fluid of the internal pressure’s channel flow and the deviation of the thickness of the coating result in the appropriateness change of the shape of the channel flow. The key point is to show the precision and the glossiness of the surface after grinding. This technique catches a lot Japanese customers’ attention and makes them feel astonished. Mainland China's customers also had some deeply discussion about the new lithium battery-related industries which is growing up significantly. GMA also provide a kind service for customer with diverse evaluations of pre-purchase’s needs. GMA’s own coating test machine can provide factory coating test, so that GMA brand can get more trust and confidence from our customers while choosing our products. Thus, many customers required for trial-product (Sample product), which will result in continuously product development and new process for the next generation.

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