GMA’s annual banquet offers greatest feedback to personnel and clients with an astonishing sequence of shows. The opening is the traditional show of Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe which will surely catches the eyes of yours and emotions. Besides, there are energetic hurricane dancers and lovely action figures with the greatest prizes. The extraordinary shows with the cheers from guests will let everyone feel passionate from the inside of their hearts.

The outside of the annual banquet decorated with the decoration which fits the atmosphere of the new coming Chinese New Year. GMA sells all the products through the whole world and gains the reputation in international markets. Clients from Japan, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, India and so forth willingly come to join the banquet to share joys with each other. We offer Polaroid to clients for the lovely memories remaining as well. GMA holds the principle of techniques to run all the potential and present markets. We are certainly sure that GMA will bring more benefits by keeping expanding the new international markets in this brand new year.

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