CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition was held at the grand exhibition of Guangzhou from May 16 to 1917. This four-day exhibition was held at the China Import and Export Fair. According to the organizers, the exhibition area exceeded 250,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors exceeded 3300, including many Chinese and foreign rubber and plastics machinery and raw materials in the field of leading enterprises. To be noted, this exhibition plays an important role in the international rubber and plastics industry.

This exhibition focuses on three major industry sectors such as: smart manufacturing, high-tech materials, environmental protection technology, which reveal the latest solutions of the world's leading rubber and plastics machinery, materials and technology through various application industries such as electronics, automobile, packaging, construction and medical care. In addition, during the CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber Exhibition, the upgrade of Automation Technology Area to Smart Equipment Area has been well notified.

Furthermore, the result of this exhibition seems to be positive for GMA Machinery Enterprise. They receive a large number of visitors from different countries such as: China, Southeast Asia countries, Russia, France, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, South Korea, Egypt, Nigeria, and Mexico. To be noted, GMA received more visitors from countries such as China and others from Southeast Asia. In addition it is also noteworthy that not only factories from China have more inquiries for GMA’s products but also there have been an increasing of negotiations opportunities with some European countries, which result in their attention to GMA’s products. GMA with its products and excellent staff successfully attracted a large number of industries to visit its booth through a well performance of presentation of their products. In addition to this exhibition, GMA exhibits its 1800mm lamination T-die of three-layer sheet with static mixer, screen changer, gear pump and feedblock It is also noted that screen changer, mixer, sheet and lamination T-die received more inquiries comparing with other exhibited products. The lamination T-die of 1800 mm is a hand-wheel type with adjusted mechanism. It is easy to adjust the width without downtime, and less waste of material while refueling. In addition, with high straightness and hard corrosion resistance as traits, the T-die lip can be replaced and easy to maintain. Moreover, with the shape of the flow resistance of the block copper to enhance the leak-proof capacity, the new leak-proof design optimization structure, can be designed accordingly with customers’ demands, and also with the continuously design of different of material plug and adjusted mechanism, the operation becomes more convenient and easy to assemble and to adjust.
The other three layer of T-die possess the optimal flow path design and an easy adjustment for width and structure. To meet different requirement of different products, GMA needs to think of every different exterior structure with different melting temperature flow channel configuration design. Thus, also, in respect to the customers’ request, the other three layers of T-die can be adjusted with a hand-wheel type external plug.

In conclusion, GMA uphold the "integrity of quality, service innovation," the spirit of enterprise, and vigorously invest in research and development of innovative technology for the industry to provide more high quality and efficiency, for energy saving and environmental protection advanced products, and to continue promoting the development of plastic machinery and technology.

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