The 13th Shanghai International Functional Film Exhibition "APFE2017", held in Shanghai on May 24-26. With a space of dimension up to 26,000 square meters, this film exhibition caught up the eyes of more than 100,000 business buyers from around the world and over 3,000 exhibitors. The top 600 more powerful companies in the same industry also joined and supported this exhibition. In addition, APFE has now become a new adhesive materials and functional membrane industry of: new technology, new products, new ideas and new markets, to release and explore this strong crowded market.

During this exhibition, GMA has exhibited a hard alloy coating mold, slit coating mold, optical film mold, plane coating test machine. Over a crowded population, the coating mold caught many eyes attention and result in many inquiries, especially GMA recent research and development of the super-hard alloy technology. In addition, with the cutting-edge precision machine and fluid analysis, the development of the product can reach high precision and quality and obtain good feedback. The plane coating machine also caught many eyes attention. In addition, the experimental coating machine with slot die released by GMA research and development unit which at the same time has scraper function experimental coater can from a small amount of coating reduce research and development costs and time. It can also provide customized services, beneficial suggestions and accurate solutions to create the lowest cost for customers, and maximum profit. Moreover, visitors to the GMA booth were in a constant stream, and showed high interest in the exhibited products. Due to the large stream of visitors, GMA staffs were very busy and had distributed all catalogs. In addition, GMA is really grateful for the supports and this warm welcome, and after the exhibition will proceed with follow-up to contact visitors. To be noted, GMA in the past 30 years of experiences and customer service-oriented has increased its professional talents analysis in terms of creativity and problem solving skills.

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