All users, who are operating Gear Pumps

Many gear pumps are applied for the transferring petro-chemical resin (So called Polymer).

PS, AS, PE are non-Newtonian liquid, whose viscosity go down steep according to high shear rate. Volumetric efficiency of most gear pumps becomes very low at high discharge pressure of more than 120 bar. As the results, low discharge capability and low pumping efficiency of gear pumps cause low volumetric efficiency of gear pump, and the gear pump causes a bottle-neck of polymer plant’s capacity.

We have developed that our new gear pump’s technology is to create the high efficiency by only replacing bearings in considered with the characteristics of Non-Newtonian liquid. And These gear pumps of M-company (Switzerland) and S-company (Japan) have performed every good efficiency as shown in the attached graph.

We strongly recommend you considering adopting this improve by replacement to the newly designed bearings. At the same time, you can expect the energy saving and reducing polymer temperature.

Refer to the below mentioned actual modification records and improved effects.

  1. Modification records
    1. 1-1 Extraction pumps of M company (Switzerland)

      Volumetric efficiency at 150 bar discharge pressure was improved from 75~80% to around 95% by the newly designed bearings.

    2. 1-2 Extraction pump of S company (Japanese)

      S company’s pump of the newly designed bearings have performed the volumetric efficiency of 94~97% at 150~170 Bar discharge pressure.

    3. 1-3 Pumps in extrusion line

      Gear pumps in extrusion line have performed around 95% volumetric efficiency.

  2. Improvement efficiency
    1. 2-1 Saving energy

      Extraction pump of 5~7Liter/rev. can earn the cost of replacement bearings in 3~5 years by only saving energy at operation condition of 4~5 m3/hour flow rate and 140~150 Bar discharge pressure.

    2. 2-2 Reducing polymer temperature-up

      Reducing leakage flow amount, which are affected friction energy and heat conduction, contributes the reducing thermal history and temperature-up.

    3. 2-3 decreasing history of shear stress

      Decreasing leakage amount means sharp decreasing amount of shear stressed polymer.

    4. 2-4 Increasing production amount

      In case that flow rate of gear pump is the bottle-neck of production, the production increases, as volumetric efficiency improves.

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